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Westpac Chopper Appeal Day! 🚁

Today we held a mufti day to raise money for this awesome Charity. As a school we raised $312.00. A huge thank you to our community for all of your donations.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had some senior students working hard behind the scenes on a wee project that today, became a reality. Maddie, Eli, Beau and Leah created an imovie to promote our school mufti day. They then sent this video to High Country Helicopters to ask if they would mind bringing a real helicopter to school so we could learn more about them. Much to their delight...they said YES! We had a very exciting day at Balfour School and the kids were ecstatic! We had squeals of excitement and comments of disbelief..."There's no way a real helicopter will be visiting our school!" We are so lucky to have such a great local business who wanted to donate their time and resources to our school. This also gave us a great opportunity to get lots of photos to send away to the Westpac Chopper Appeal competition with the end prize being.......a visit from Ritchie McCaw!!

"My favourite part was them landing and taking off" - Beau

"My favourite part was getting photos with High Country Helicopters" - Leah

"My favourite part was getting to sit inside the helicopter and look around it" - Eli

You can watch the video Maddie, Leah, Beau and Eli made here.


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