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Our first buses arrive at school by 8am on weekdays.  We encourage town children to arrive from 8.30am onwards.

Children generally play outside or catch up in the classrooms before classes start for the day.

School Hours

8.55 - 10.35am First learning block (fruit break is within this block).

10.40 - 11.00am Morning tea and play break.

11.00 - 12.15pm Second learning block

12.15 - 1.15pm Lunch and play break

1.15 - 2.40pm Third learning block.


There is a designated teacher on duty during every break time.


At 2.40pm all children are released from class.  On fine days, all children meet on the tennis courts to line up for their buses.  On rainy days children meet in Room Kereru and assemble in their bus lines).  There is a walking line for children who do not travel on buses.

All children will have their names checked off by the bus duty teachers and then they will be guided to get on their bus or walk/bike home.


Please contact the School Office by 12pm if you need to change your child’s after school travel arrangements.

We have a whole school Assembly every Friday 2.00pm and classes have turns at presenting their work. We also celebrate the achievements of the children and enjoy a song or two. 


We have a well stocked library that the children can borrow books from to take home. They also bring home a small reader every day to enjoy with whanau. 


Our Home and School committee and Board are very active in our school life and you can join the Home and School by contacting the School Office for further details. 


All forms, policies and procedures - School Docs

To access School Docs, please use:
Username: balfour
Password: bal4

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